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I need to practice coloring crystals more but she looks so cool n stuff I need a name for her *u*

Usps why do you torture me


Finally! Thank you all for your patience!

Luna in the sea, the new designed print of R=SERIES is going to be release at 9 p.m. 29th July, tomorrow.

The index page of the design series is HERE.

Check HERE to know how to order by e-mail and pay with Paypal.

Welcome any question. :D


Sweet Gluttony (Prints available on society6!)I used Shinhan Artists Poster Colors again. It was fun! Here’re some progress shots.

Luna (in human form), from Sailor Moon 
This process really struck a chord. Usually when I try to incorporate all my scratchy-hatching into a piece it turns into mud in the end. It was very fun to make this, it felt a lot more natural, and heck, it’s just nice to finally see it be something other than a really sketchy smudge in the corner of a process book. I have been wanting to draw Luna and her giant space dress for so long now, I was starting to think it’d never happen!

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